Monday, May 25, 2020

There's no rainbow without rain

It's like I'm trapped
trapped in my own room,
with the door wide open.
It feels like I'm in prison,
the boredom's ending me.

I miss my friends,
But I'm stuck with my family.
This quarantine is killing me,
This quarantine is ending me.

We can't go anywhere,
we can't see anyone,
I just want to run,
Though no one knows
when it will be done,
This is no fun,
Oh no,
This is no fun.

It's like we're trapped
Trapped in our own rooms,
With doors wide open.
I don't know what to do,
I guess life can sometimes
be a little black and blue.

We all want happiness,
We all just want to be free,
No one wants pain,
But hey,
We also have to know:
There's no rainbow without rain.

Elvira, 7. b

Wednesday, April 08, 2020

Time for poetry

Here's a poem inspired by a current situation we are in: 

There is something in the air,
you cannot see it, but is there.
Is it just something in my head?
A dream while I am lying in my bed.
But most people here,
are completely paralysed by fear.
What could this strange thing be?
Take a microscope and let us see!
Oh, it is something round in there,
Covid 19 everywhere!
Pia, 8. a

The following poems were inspired by William Carlos William's poem This is just to say

I have picked
the yellow sunflowers
that my grandma planted
in the backyard

and which
she was probably
to feed the birds

forgive me, grandma
they were such a wonderful gift
for my mom.
Zoja, 8. a

I have drunk              
the cola                    
that was                       
in the fridge

and which                              
you were saving                 
for a party

forgive me    
it was so good                                
so cold                                 
that I’ve drunk it all.
Andraž, 8. a

I have eaten
the chocolate
that was on
the shelf

and which
you were saving
for yourself

don't forgive me
thank me
it tasted awful.
Jože, 8. a

And here are some other poems, probably inspired by poet's feelings: 

Colours od Life

No one is perfect.
Relationships are not just sunshine.
Friendships are not all true.
But that does not mean that
only bad exists inside us.

People will always say to you,
Find good people and
leave the bad ones.

But this is not right.
We should say, find the good
in people and try to ignore
the bad in them.

Because no one is perfect.
White and black
Are everyday colours of life.
 Eva, 8.a

Everyday beauty

When we wake up
we think:
"It’s just another,
boring day."
But, is it really?

We’re always in a rush.
We never stop
and observe,
the beautiful environment
that surrounds us.

Just one look
through the window
and you’ll
capture the nature:
Nina, 8. a


It hurts a lot.
It hurts my feelings. 
You can't be replaced. 
you can't be misplaced. 

Come back, come back to me. 
I swear you will be proud of me.

Now you are free, 
so please come to me. 

I can't see you anymore. 
I can't hear you anymore. 
But I will always remember you, 
as you gave me the power to
to stay happy even when you are not here. 
Jan, 8. a

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

My friend

I play with my friend,
I hang out with my friend,
I help my friend,
But sometimes I tease him.

I compete with my friend,
I like to have fun with my friend,
I go to school with my friend,
I look forward to my friend's good grades.

I run with my friend,
I walk with my friend,
I do my homework with my friend,
but sometimes we also disagree.

I'm proud of my friend,
Just like my friend is proud of me!

Kiara,  6.a

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

From our poetry day

Here you can read some of our best haikus: 

Hair as dark as coal
he sees the bottom of my soul
eyes blue as the sea.

A million stars above
thousand flowers underneath
just us together.

Maja H., 9. b

Stars up in the sky,                                        
but no one is as strong as
the one inside you.

Million feelings
a thousand and one wishes
but one heart to live

Neža V., 9. b

People are different
everything can be achieved
don't ever give up

Vitan L., 9. b

wind is wisphering
the golden leaves are leaving
warm  light in evening

Lenart P., 9. b

Rain in the city
Horrible moments in me
Waiting for the sun

Jan B., 9. b

Sunday, November 13, 2016

My smart phone

I have had my  smart phone for 3 years. I got it as my birthday present. It is my fourth phone I have ever had. My first phone was not a smart phone. I got it when I was in the fifth grade. It was my first phone, so I was very happy when I got it. My dad bought me my first phone too.
I use my phone often, but mostly for texting and calling. I also use it when I go home by bus. It is quite a long drive so I watch some videos or I talk with friends. I don’t like my phone because it’s old and because of that it is really slow and the battery runs out in a moment. I don’t like the look of it as well. Because of that, I am going to buy a new one this week. I have been deciding a long time and I hope that it will work properly, not like this one. Just a few days ago, I set an alarm clock on it. From unknown reason it wasn’t ringing at all! Luckily, my dad was at home so he woke me up. If he hadn’t done that, I would have been late for school. But there aren’t just bad things about it. One day I and my friends were cycling home. One of my friends crashed into a car, because it was very slippery. I was the only one that had a phone, so we called my friend’s parents, because he was hurt. He was full of scratches and his bike was broken. Luckily his parents came quickly and drove him to hospital. Fortunately he didn’t have any broken bones, so he was fine in a week.
I can’t imagine life without a mobile phone. I couldn’t be talking at distance and my parents would be worried about me. But still, if I didn’t have a phone, I could be more attentive to what is happening around me. I think having a mobile phone is good, but only if you don’t use it a lot.
Fedja, 9. b

                I have had my smart phone since September, I got it for my birthday. I got my first phone in the fourth class, when I started to walk alone from school. Then, in the sixth class, the screen stopped working, so I got my father's old phone. It was quite good, but old, so it didn't last for long. My mother pays my phone and so she pays the expenses.
               I use my phone very often, for music, communication and other applications. I really like my phone, because it has a good battery, a lot of storage and it's designed nicely. The good side of phone is easy communication, but because of phones parents have much bigger control under our lives. Phones are very useful when you need help fast, like emergency or police, and still, some people use them for fake calls, breaking in etc. I have never had a situation when I would need my phone very necessary. I use it for chats with my friends, a talk with my mom about when I should be home, for camera so I can save memories or just have fun and check out my Instagram or Snapchat.
                 I can imagine a life without phones. It surely has its good sides, like, some people say, that phones are killing our creativity. But, stop using phones is nearly impossible because they are a part of our lives. 
Neža, 9. b

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ljubljana - my favourite city

If you’re coming to Slovenia for holidays, you definitly have to visit the capital – Ljubljana. It is also a green capital of Europe. Ljubljana is beautiful, because it’s not too big, it has a lot of shops and also green parks. It has some nice cafes too.
In summer, you should definitely go to the park Tivoli. It has a lot of meadows and trees. You can just lie on the meadow, talk to your friends and relax. Or, if you’re more of a sports person, you can go cycling, rollerblading or walking.
But when you get tired, you should have ice-cream. You can try it at the Zvezda cafe. I think they have the best ice-cream and they have many different flavours. They also have ice-cream without cow’s milk.
Now, if you’ve got some more energy, you can go to the Ljubljana castle. You have many ways to get  there: you can walk, cycle, go by a tourist train or by cable railway. You can see a lot of interesting things there and you also have a beautiful view of the whole city. There is also a restaurant, where you can have lunch.
In winter, Ljubljana is really beautiful, because there are a lot of lights and it’s quite magical. I am in love with that atmosphere. If you want to buy some presents for your loved ones, you’re at the right place. There are a lot of small shops in the city centre, where you can buy some unique jewellery, clothes and a lot of other things made in Slovenia. I love shopping for presents in winter, but it is even more fun if you have hot chocolate somewhere, where you can talk, laugh and give presents to your friends.
Whenever you come to Ljubljana, it is fun and interesting. Even if it’s rainy, you can go to the theatre, cinema, museums or you can just sit in a cafe all day.
Anyway, I am sure you’ll have a lot of fun in Ljubljana!

Lana Arh, 8. b

Monday, January 18, 2016

The best day I've ever had

I had the best day this year in summer holidays. It was the first day of Camp California and I had to wake up really early because I had a bus to catch. Camp California is in Croatia about six to five hours long drive from where I live. My mum and I had a small breakfast and then we went to a parking lot outside Ljubljana where a bus was waiting for the kids from Slovenia that were going to Camp California.
At first I didn't know what to do but then I met a friend from my dance practice on the bus and we started talking so it was really fun. After six hours we came to Camp California, there I got my bracelet and I met Leasha and Kirsty who were going to help me and six other girls from my cabin. After that I chose a bed and as I was unpacking my stuff, two other girls came into the cabin. They were really friendly so we started talking. In a few minutes there was an announcement that swimming tryouts were starting. We got into our swimsuits. The swimming test was really easy because they just had to check that we can swim. Then we had to change out of the swimsuits and it was time for lunch. The food was really good.  There were so many choices that it was just incredible. While we were eating, I got to know my counselor and the girls I was staying with in the cabin a little better. After that we got some time to just sit and read or play board games. Time passed and before I knew we had dinner, which was amazing, and the whole camp had a meting and counselors had to represent their countries. After that we had a shower, got dressed and then we went to bed.

This day was something really special for me because I got to meet new people from all around the world.
Ajda, 8. b

Monday, January 04, 2016

My favourite sport
My favourite sport is dancing. I dance breakdance and I like it because it keeps me fit and healthy, I like the music we dance to and I love the moves we do. It can be both individual and team sport. It is an indoor sport but in the past it was a street dance.
I train it five times a week for four years. Breakdance is a very special dance because it contains power moves like headspin, hand hops and so on. If you train breakdance at least twice a week on my level, I'm sure you will get fitter and stronger. If you love house, dance or electro music, this is definitely sport for you. I also love it because I meet a lot of new friends at different competitions. I think it is a bit dangerous because you can hurt yourself badly if you do the moves wrongly. It can sometimes be difficult and exhausting in the beginning, but later when you get used to it, it becomes great fun, relaxing and exciting. All we need is motivation and determination and in that way we will enjoy and be successful. I would recommend breakdance to everybody who wants to live healthily and actively and who wants to have better quality of life.
To sum up, breakdance is a very healthy activity and is very useful for the whole body. Most of the muscles are active while dancing. I feel better and I have more energy when I am physical active and I would recommend all people to do more sports because it is the best way to stay healthy fit and to exercise.
Luka Ž., 9. a

My favorite sport is riding. I like it, because it really feels good when I am with my horse Aurora in the middle of the forest and the nature is all around me.
Riding can be individual sport, but sometimes it is better if you are not alone. For example, if you go mountain riding it can be really dangerous because of the rocks, so it is recommended to have someone who can help you. It is an outdoor sport, and for me it is the best to go into the forest with my horse Aurora, my cousin Živa and her horse Speedy.
For riding you need a saddle, a bridle and a blanket to put it under the saddle. It is not always necessary but it is recommended. But it is really important to have a helmet and some special clothes.
I do not practice it a lot. Just when I go to my grandparents. I always ride Aurora, but it has to be a good weather and the road must not be risky. I would never risk our lives. I have trained it but I gave up after three years, because I did not like it there anymore. It was always the same.
It is really a good sport because you can be with your animal, and you can go almost everywhere. I love it because I and my horse can go really fast or really slow, and we can be connected. It is important for me that it does not pollute the environment too.
The negative side is that it can be dangerous. For example, if something scares the horse, it can stand on his back legs and if you are not ready, it can throw you off his back. I hate that I have to do a lot of training to be finally  “a real rider’'. And I do not like the fact that I have to put all the equipment off and on to my horse every time again. That is not that easy that it sounds!
Horse riding is really good because it is not that hard and it can be fun. You can go almost everywhere with horses and they can be a really good company on the ride to the secrets.
Kaia, 9. a

Sunday, December 06, 2015

When I was a little boy

I was born on the 17th of January in 2003. My parents told me that I was a big and happy baby. I had brown eyes and bond hair. My first word was ‘ADNDADN’ which meant ‘DAVID.’

I liked fruit porridge and baby songs. I had a baby motorcycle and I really liked it. I always slept with my teddy bear. I wanted a big Lego train station but I never got it.

I didn’t have any pets, but I wanted a parrot because my father told me a lot about them.

I prefer to be baby, because you don’t have to go to school and learn a lot.

David, 7. a

Monday, November 09, 2015

My pocket money

I get my pocket money from my mum and dad. I get it every month. But to get it, I have to prepare the table for lunch and dinner, sometimes I iron my clothes. After my mum cleans them, I put them on the clothes stand. When I come from my training, I have to fold my things from my backpack.
I usually spend my pocket money for fancy goods or souvenirs, I usually buy them, when I am on vacations in some other countries. At the end of the school year I sometimes buy myself a more expensive gift, but only if I had good marks at school. I didn’t spend my pocket money for about a year, but usually I spend it about twice a year. I think I get it enough, because I don’t even spend all of it.

I think receiving pocket money is good, because then you know if something is worth its money or not.
Fedja, 8. b

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My dream holiday

For my dream holiday I'm going to the Bali Island. I'm going there with my family. I'm going there because it is very nice there and the island is like from dreams.
I'm going to travel by plane and I'm going to fly around ten hours. I'm going to stay there for three weeks. I'm going to see some beautiful places. I'm going to play volleyball, swim in the pool and in the sea. But first I'm going to have a massage and a big lunch with my family.

I'm going to visit some shops and buy souvenirs, T-shirts and some fun toys. I'm going to have a very good time. 
Amel, 7. a

Sunday, May 17, 2015

My dream job

When I grow up I would like to be a scientist. I like this job because I love watching bacteria under microscope, I like discovering new things and I would like to know if there exists smaller things than an atom, I would like to make a cure for sick people and I would like to invent new things. In this job I will have to work with other scientists and I will have to work with other companies. For this job I will have to learn a lot and I will have to have good marks at school. When I work with microscope, I will have to be very patient.
Fedja, 7. b                                                     

When I grow up, I would like to have my own bakery. I would like to be a confectioner.
I love to bake, so I think this job would be perfect for me. I really like this job, because I think it is so interesting. I could bake big wedding cakes, cute cupcakes and make delicious ice-cream. So many different deserts! And if my bakery is successful, I would earn a lot of money.
But to reach this, I will have to work very hard. I will have to go to confectionery school. And when I already have a bakery, I won’t stop learning. I will go to cooking courses and seminars.
I would like to work with a person that knows a lot about desserts, so she could help me run the bakery.
Lana, 7. b

When I grow up I would like to be a writer. I like this job because you can't have wrong ideas. Everything is correct. I also like it because it allowes me to express myself and share my ideas with other people. I especialy like this job because I can use my own imagination.
I will work all around the world. I will travel to different places to find insparation. I will work mostly alone, if I work with someone, he or she will probably travel with me.
To be a writer I will have to study a lot. I will also have to take every opportunity that I get. I will have to work very hard.

Ajda, 7. b 


        I’ve done many things in my life. I have been to the USA, Australia, Egypt, China … I’ve already gone bowling, ice-skating, swimming, and skiing. I’ve eaten many interesting kinds of food like kangaroo and alligator meat and insect cookies. I’ve had two nasty falls, a dog bit me and I’ve almost fallen down a waterfall.
        In summer my family and I went to Thailand. We were there for a week. We went to two organized tours. The first one was to an elephant park. There we saw an elephant show and we paid for an elephant ride. The second one was a trip to an island.  We went by boat. The boat was a jet boat, so when it jumped on a wave water splashed into the boat. Before we arrived everybody was as wet as if they have jumped into the sea. When we arrived, we took a break to dry off. After that we took a tour to the waterfalls. We took a path to the top of the waterfalls. You could stand on top of the waterfall because the water was about five centimeters high. We were enjoying the view while the others went down. When we turned around to leave I slipped on a wet rock and because there was no fence or anything else to stop me from falling I almost fell down the waterfall. Luckily, I managed to grab a rock so my father was able to pull me back on top. The ride back wasn’t much better. That day I was wet and scared, so we could say the trip wasn’t pleasant.

I’d like to visit more places like: Japan, India, Spain, Canada … I’d also like to go skydiving and diving, I would like to pet a tiger or a lion.
David, 8. a

Sunday, March 29, 2015

We all like travelling

Czech Republic is in the middle of Europe. It’s quite big. Czech’s capital is Prague, which is bigger than Ljubljana. The offical language is Czech.
I was in Prague one year ago. This city is very beautiful. I was there one week. We travelled by train with my mother, brother and sister. My dad stayed at home with my dog because he had a job. I saw a lot of interesting things there. Every day we went across Charles Bridge in the centre of city. I also saw the Prague castle, the Cathedral of St. Vid and the old city square. Because there was no time, we ate in a small pub, but just for lunch. For dinner we ate Korean pocket soup, but I didn’t like it because it was spicy. I didn’t speake English, because I didn’t need to.
I really like this country, because Prague is very old and it has a style. I really want to visit it one more time.
Neža, 7. b

Croatia is my favourite country. It is in the south of Europe. The capital city is Zagreb. Croatia has got 4 million people. The offical language is Croatian. The flag is white, blue and red.
I went there last summer .I stayed for four weeks. I travelled by car with my family . I played with my friend. I saw the capital city. I bought nothing, but I ate many fish. I met my good friend Mark. I didn't speak English because I spoke Croatian.
I like this country, because it has many friendly people. I would like to live there because I love the sea and the islands. Many famous people go there for holidays.
Peter, 7.b

My favourite country is Cuba. This is a Carribean island east of Mexico. The capital is Havana. The official language is Spanish. There are about eleven million inhabitants. The flag has five blue and white stripes and a red triangle on left side with a white star inside.
I went there in October 2010 and I stayed there for three weeks. First I went from Ljubljana by car to Ponte Tresa (Switzerland) and then to Zürich by train. From there I travelled by plane for 12 hours. I went there with my mom, cousin, uncle and my aunt. I met some local people there and ate delicious Cuban food. I stayed in a hotel with five stars with a pool and sandy beach. I didn't speak English there because I didn't know how.
I like this country because it has a lot of sun but I wouldn't live there because I like Slovenia more.
Maks Ž., 7. b

Germany is in the centre of Europe. The capital city is Berlin. The population of Germany is 81 million. The official language is German. Flag is black, red and yellow.
I went to Germany during the autumn holidays. I stay there for five days. I went to Germany with my family. We travelled by train. We travelled eight hours. We went to Munich. First day we saw the old city of Munich and the Technical Museum. The second day we travelled by train to Ulm. There is a Legoland and we visited it. I liked it. There we brought some lego cubes for my younger brother. The third day we visited the famous football stadium Allianz arena. It’s very big. I liked it. Then we went to the airplane museum. There were many interesting airplanes.
We bought some postcards and stamps. We ate German food. In Munich I didn’t speak English because we spoke German.
I like Germany because it’s big and there are many interesting things to see but there are too many people, so I don’t want to live there.
Lenart, 7. b

France is in Europe. The capital city is Paris. The official language is French.
I was in France many times. We (my family and I) went there for about three weeks in summer holidays. We were in many cities, like Marseille, Avignon, Lyon, Toulouse, Orleans, le Mont-St-Michel and Paris. In Paris we saw a lot of interesting things, like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.
I like France very much. I think it is my favourite country, because whenever I go there, I feel so romantic and special.
I will never get tired of France.
Lana, 7. b

Great Britain lies in Europe. It is actually an island which consists of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The capital of Great Britain is London. Great Britain is a kingdom. The queen of Great Britain is Queen Elizabeth II. The highest mountain is Ben Nevis and the most popular lake is Loch Ness.
I was in Great Britain twice. When I was there the first time I stayed in London, next to the Victoria train station. The second time I was there, last year, I stayed in four hotels in six days. I visited London again, but I also went to Oxford where I visited the Oxford university. I visited the coast, a lot of museums but I really enjoyed watching English pupils going to school in their uniforms. I really like Great Britain and I would like to live there someday.
Maja, 7.b

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The best of our haikus

The fox running fast                                  
into the deep dark forest.                          
Rainy night is here.                                   

The call fades away,                                  
the call becomes an echo.                         
Now it's forgotten.                                     

The man walks alone

into dream-land, in unknown.
The day is over.

Clouds and misty skies,

two friends by the fire-place
telling old stories.
Lara, 8. b

Outside there's a tree,                                
but my garden is empty.                            
I still have the seed.                                               
Nejc, 8. b

White little snowflakes                              .
are shining bright in the dark.                
Glow of winter night.                              
Hana, 8. b

Moonlight in my eyes
a forces smile on my face
sadness in my heart

Feather in the air
Just another soul that's lost
wanders off away
Katarina, 8. a

Headless horseman scares
the undead at Halloween
run while you still can
David, 8. a

Why do you hate me?
I'm trying my best to do
this thing right and well.
Eva, 8. b 

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The farmer and the dragon

Once upon a time there was a big castle. A king, a queen and a princess lived in it. But one day a dragon came by. He kidnapped the princess. He flew away with her. The king offered the whole castle and his daughter to the man who would save the princess. Many of them tried but they never came back. The king was very miserable and the queen cried all days long. She died after a few days. That made the king even more sad. A farmer in the village heard about the story and he decided to save the princess. He took some food and water. He walked three days until he found a big cave. He entered and in the cave he found a sword and a shield on the ground. He took them and went deeper in the cave. Then he saw a dragon. It was green and it had red eyes. It was very scary. Then he saw a princess locked in the cave next to the dragon. The dragon roared and a fire came out of his mouth. The farmer attacked him and he cut its head off. He saved the princess. They went back to the castle and the king was very happy. Everyone lived happily ever after.
Gal, 7. b

Saturday, January 03, 2015

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is cheer dance. I like it because it's different  and you are in top condition. Cheer dance comes from America. You dance with pom pons. It is a team sport. The team sticks together and it's connected. You wear sport uniform and you have to wear dancing shoes.
I train cheer dance 5-6 times a week. Sometimes I also have training on Saturdays. When I dance I feel relaxed and comfortable, I forget everything that's bad around me. We always have competitions, and we're always successful. This year we were seven times on the first place, and we are very proud of that. We are state champions and in the European championship we were in third place. I really like my friends that are in my dance group.
Good side of that dance is that you learn something new, you are in a good shape and you are very active. I made a lot of new friends. In dance you can achieve a lot. Bad side of  that dance is that you can injure yourself.                                                                       
Nika, 9. b
Ballet is the sport I like the best. I’ve liked to dance since I was a little girl. I started to love ballet when I was four years old when I saw a ballet performance. I liked it very much, specially ballerinas and their costumes called tutus.
I like ballet because I like to perform and I like to see that also other people like what I do. I enjoy in ballet, because I can express my feelings with dance. I do ballet when I’m sad and I do it when I’m happy. Sometimes my dance can say more about my feelings than words. You must work hard. You must to practice every day even if you have a pain in legs. Ballet is very difficult because you need to be in good shape. You need to spend lots of hours in ballet school and practice if you want to be good. It’s not enough if you do ballet just technically good but you must to dance with your soul not only with your feet.
When I dance I forget my problems and it is also good exercise. I love to perform in big performances and applause at the end of performance is the best award for my hard work.
Eva, 9. b

My favourite sport is handball. I like it because it is very rough and because it is team sport. It is indoor sport and non-seasonal. There are 6 players and one goalkeeper. You and your team have to give as many goals as possible in sixty minutes. There is not much equipment for handball. You need a ball, a dental guard, a handball resin…
I train handball every day a week for one hour and a half. Almost every weekend we have a game against another team from other parts of Slovenia. Once or twice a year we go to a tournament in other countries like Bosnia, Czech, Serbia, Austria…
Handball is very rough sport and also very difficult. You have to run a lot and you must be strong. Handball helps you relax and keeps you fit.
However, handball is dangerous sport and you can easily hurt yourself or somebody hurts you. It is also very difficult to train it.
All in all, I like handball very much and I play it very well. I think it is an excellent way to exercise and relax. You have a lot of fun with your friends.
Jaka, 9. b

My favourite sport is gymnastics. I like it very much, because I enjoy in it. Mostly it is done indoor in a gym. It can be done individually or in a team. Practising for competitions is always done with music. For doing it you need a ball, a band and a hoop. I did it two years ago.
It is a fun sport if you do it in a team. If it is done individually, it is a very calm sport. It's relaxing and enjoyable. It keeps you also fit and healthy. You become very flexible and it gives you a good training.                                                                                                   It can be dangerous if you do tough exercises and it hurts. You feel very exhausted and tired. From a year to year it becomes harder too. It can be expensive if you have to buy some new stuff for a competition.
In conclusion, I liked it very much. It is a girly sport that I really enjoyed. I recommend it to every person that likes calm sports and also wants to take an advantage off the free time that it has.
Aleksandra, 9. b

My favourite sport is volleyball. I like it because you have to bounce the ball with your hands over the net. It is a team sport and it is played indoors or outdoors. I don't train it but we often play it at school during PE. To play you need a net and of course a volleyball. The objective of this sport is to get the ball over the net with your hands, into the other team's part of the court. The ball must land within the lines that mark the court.
            The positive point of all sports is that they keep you healthy and fit. Volleyball is good for hand-eye coordination. Getting the ball over the net requires some degree of this skill. It is also good for learning how to cooperate with your teammates.
            However, getting people together to form two teams can be a challenge. That’s why we play it at our school. It is sometimes difficult to find a court to play because not everyone has the volleyball net and enough space to set up the court. Sometimes when you try to get the ball over the net, you fall. Most of the time injuries aren’t severe, but they can be. For example if you get a ball into your face, you will most likely need a doctor.
            In conclusion, I like volleyball but the thing is I am not very good at it. So I practise and practise, because practise makes perfect.
Dorjan, 9. b

My favourite sport is basketball. I like it because it's exciting and you are active when you play it. I also like it because it's a team sport in which two teams compete on a rectangular usually wooden floor. The objective of the game is to throw a basketball into a basket of the opposite team. It's non seasonal sport because it's played indoors and also outdoors. Basketball is a school sport, we often play it at PE and I trained it when I younger.
Basketball originally comes from USA but now it's played all over the world by women and men. I also like basketball because you don't need much to play, only a basketball, at least one friend, a basket and trainers. Basketball is a good exercise and it's easy to play but you have to be very focused on the game and it's also tiring.
In conclusion, I really like basketball because it's interesting and very fun sport although you have to run a lot.

Petja, 9. b